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At Pegasus, quality matters. Our field people work from detailed outlines for statements, medical audits, scene inspections, vehicle appraisals, real estate evaluations and more. Our employees possess excellent writing, and verbal skills; we edit reports for accuracy.

At Pegasus, we do not sacrifice quality for economy. Our clients’ cost concerns are important to us. Our computer is equipped with a budgeting capability to tabulate ongoing work so that we can consult with the client as each case progresses.

At Elite, RESULTS are our only product. Adjusting and Investigating claims is not just a job, it is a profession.
At Pegasus, clients come first. We encourage frequent contact with our clients. We reward employees for outstanding service.

At Pegasus, we hire achievers. We provide professional working environments and promote from within. An Equal Opportunity policy ensures the client benefits from the best available talent. Computer information resources enhance our capabilities and eliminate the need for outside services. Our employees undergo constant in-house training and regularly attend seminars.

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