Elite SIU Services

  • SIU Investigations
  • SIU Training Programs
  • Bodily Injury Fraud Training Programs
  • Staged Accident Awareness Training
  • Vehicle Theft Investigation Training
  • Body Shop Fraud Investigation
  • Low Impact Investigations
  • Scene Investigations
  • Surveillance / Videotaping
  • Database Searches
  • DMV Checks
  • Civil and Criminal Records Checks
  • Activity Checks
  • Recorded Statements
  • Examinations Under Oath (EUO's)
  • Medical Record Audits
  • Clinic Inspection

SIU Investigative and Training Support for the Insurance Industry

ELITE SIU SERVICES is proud to offer a specialized investigative and training resource to insurance companies and insurance legal defense firms.


Rising claims costs and increased incidents of fraud demand a proactive, aggressive approach to integrated to SIU claims management.


Whether you require a complete SIU investigative and training resource, or supplemental SIU investigative services, ELTE SIU SERVICES can help. We provide personalized support tailored to help manage your specific SIU needs.


ELITE SIU SERVICES is managed by a regional SIU manager, and a staff with years of professional management, claims handling, law enforcement, and SIU experience. This knowledge and background provides the cornerstone of our expertise. It provides us with the specialized ability to understand your SIU related needs, protect your interests, provide answers, work closely with your claims unit, and deliver outstanding, efficient, cost effective SIU claims support and training.